Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sequences #1 & 2 are completed

Here they are !

The sequence #2 was done on the same set as the first one (view previous post).  I was looking again for a sunset,  so i just replaced the different parts.  Every parts was at different distances and the focus was on the character.  The camera was set on a low aperture.  This created a good feeling of depth. 

The camera was installed on a moving wood board that was able to slide left & right.  I put an old camera's support on that board.  A ruler was installed on the sliding board and a mark was done on the set frame.  I had to move the board 1mm by picture for a count of 64 mm. 

I like the effect of the light at the end of the sequence.  It happens when you shoot directly at a light at a slow shutter speed.  No special effects were required.


  1. I really like those two sequences, especially the first one. It gives a very good atmospheric effect. super cool!

  2. Nice! well done Vincent! those two sequences are awesome! But I would do the first shot in easing and out. (like the guy on vimeo) lol.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Alex : I don't find that so bad. =) I'm not sure yet, but i may cut the sequence before the camera stops or maybe i'll add more smootness if i let it like that.

  4. oh thats a great idea! I see it in my head! sound pretty nice!

  5. Very good animations, and old techniques but realistics movements.
    Congratulations Vincent!!!!