Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sequence #1 "City" setup progress

The setup for this sequence is almost finished.  I have underestimate this sequence for 2 reasons.  First, there's a lot of clouds to do (not a whole sky, but almost) and secondly, it's very hard to adjust the lightning to create a sunset.  The camera movement is basic, but i had to build a system with a lot of increments (around 125).  I could have choosed to put the camera on a swivel screw, but the increments would have been hard to indentify.  So, even if it looks complicated, my system works very well.


First, i've put 5 little screws (i don't screw them all the way) on a wood block in order to maintain the camera in place.  I have a squared tripod adapter that i put under the camera and i slide it under the screws heads.  I've put a hinge between the set's frame and the camera support.

Another wood piece was added to work as a tripod arm.  Then, i've curved a thin wood board and fixed it in a way that the camera support is almost touching it on every position.   The popsicles sticks will be added, one by one, and for each one added, i'll take a picture.  A 2,5 lbs weight is installed on it so if some popsicles sticks are a little curved, that won't affect the increments.

As i said before, this set requires a lot of clouds.  I built a "sky" over the street set.  I've place styrofoam boards on a frame and glued pillow's stuff on them.

I have to go to Wallmart to buy another bag of pillow's stuff tomorrow to finish that.

This clouds board is at the end to the set.  At the bottom of the board, there's the sunset.

I've used a desk light with a tungsten bulb to have a yellowish color (my camera is set on halogen, so tungsten light appears yellow).  Under the clouds board, i built another clouds board with a hole in it.

The lightning needs adjustements, but the results i got so far are satisfying.  

Updated - October 11th

The sequence is done.  I'll upload it with the next one "Sunset" when it will be done too (maybe by the end of this week).

Here' pictures of the completed set.



  1. Man, thats a really good setup. Love the last pic, very nice effect. Can't wait to see it in stopmotion. cheers...:)

  2. whoa! Vincent! you blow my mind! this look just real! so awesome. I can't belive how you are working hard on your project!

  3. Great camera rig! So much thought goes into all of your work. The sunset/cloud effect is PERFECT!

  4. Looks really good Vincent, I love the idea for the clouds.

  5. Thanks guys !

    The sunset effect gave me some headaches, but the results i got worth the time passed adjusting that.