Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inguinal hernia

My project is and will be on hold (or going very slowly) for the next weeks.  I got an health problem called "Inguinal hernia".  Nothing very dangerous or harmful, but very unpleasing.  Its the ligaments that maintains the guts in place that are teared apart and that let an intestine part goes outside of it's place.  Pretty disgusting.  I'm a little bit hypochondriac so it look much awful from my point of view.

This is what it looks like.
(note that the intestine can go into one ball - argg..!)

This is how i see that.

So there isn't much place in my brain to have creativity to progress on my puppet these days.  I hope to have my chirurgical intervention in the next few weeks.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skull construction part V

Pheww... The teeth part is done !
This week, i've improvised all lot and luckily, the results are satisfying.  

My first idea was to build a dental support made of aluminium wires and epoxy putty.  It would have been easier to sculpt Super Sculpey over something already shaped.  But i quickly discover that the wire wasn't enough stiff to build anything on it.

So, i built a two parts denture made of cardboard in order to get a harder base to sculpt the teeth.  I've glued the cardboard in the desired shape, helped with the threaded rods to keep everything in place while drying.  

There were way too big at second thought...  Then i decided to use the cardboard denture as a mold for a Super sculpey new two-parts denture.


I prefer to secure the parts i like by baking them and to glue them on other previously baked parts.  I had some problems before with baking a huge whole sculpt and i became more carefull.

A batch of Super Sculpey teeth recently baked. 

First row of teeth on the upper denture (there's two rows of 'em on each parts).

Here's some pictures of the finished upper denture.

Here's more with all his teeth.

I did some work on the gums but, they aren't alreay as i want them.  I might exaggerate them a bit (the bottom lip too).  I was thinking since the very begining that latex will be pour on the bottom jaw to have a flesh effect, but i begin to have doubts about the fact that it could be uglier with it.  I need to do some tests before going any further with that idea.  Anyway, i need to paint it before.

Pictures with a little lightning effect.





This weapon ordered on Ebay at a ridicule price arrived this week.  Some exercices with it will be required.  I can't wait to see this monster painted.

Here a picture of me working on the Corpser's dentition.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skull construction part IV

Not much to say about last week.  I've added lenght to the bottom jaw.  It was too short for my taste.  I padded it with some wood and styrofoam.  Super Sculpey was use to shape it.  I've bake it without too many cracks this morning.  Liquid latex will be pour on it later.

I'm currently working on the teeth.  I hope to receive my airbrush gun this week in order to do some tests to get use to it.  I can't wait to paint the helmet.  I'm reading a lot presently on painting techniques and weathering.