Friday, October 22, 2010

Sequences un-edited

I took the last week off (stopmotion).  I wasn't really in the mood to animate, so the only things i have done was removing the sequence 1 & 2's setup and putted in place the new one for the "Puddle" sequence.  I tried some animating tests yesterday, but i had many lights flickering issues.  I may try other things this week-end.  Until then, here's the sequences done so far, before i removed the rigs, the wires and the lense dust.


  1. Whoa! I was accully asking how did you do for make him run without wire. Well done on the masking! its awesome. you must have passed many hours on photoshop. I was editing for 24 frames and I passed three hours on PS.

  2. Thanks Alex.

    Yeah the wire removal take lots of time, but the results worth it. I started my project with the running scenes, which has the most wires removal (character's running sequences). I'm glad that they are all done by now. The next sequence won't have any wire. I'm so happy with that =) They have, on the other hand, other great challenges. I just think about the sculpting of the "Corpser" (big monster) and i'm freaking out :) I'm not in a hurry and i'll take the time required to have nice results.