Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shooting of 0:31 - 0:33 is failed

Failure here. When i was removing my green wire in post production, i note that i was unable to remove it without damaging "very badly" one of the legs that pass below it. I need to build another shape for the wire and reshoot it. My bad.

Here you go (note that the first one showed is the raw file and the other one is in the editing process)

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Beetle

I was looking for a car to put on the set for some sequence and i found a Diecast 1/24 New Beetle in a yard sale.  Got it for 2.50$ and it's in a good condition.  I'm not a fan of this car, but it does the job.  I could buy a cooler brand new car, but the mindset for this project is to use a very low budget.  I like that almost every details can be seen and how well it fit with my set.

Here's some pictures.

0:31 - 0:33

I'm currently working on the 0:31-0:33 sequence.  I had to build rooftops for my buildings.  I didn't put so much detail on them cause that's the only sequence that we will see them.  I also had to put another rail over the rail that support the character.  The camera need to turn around from 15 degrees to 75 so i had to build a special moving mule for the camera that i'll put on this rail.  My first idea was to rotate the camera for each shots but instead of that, i fix the camera at 45 degrees and i will rotate the sequence in post production.

Here's a test shot.

I should started the shooting this week.