Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sequence #6 (0:22 - 0:27) is done !

The last running sequence is done, at last... This took me a lot of time to shoot and the editing was very long and painful. There were a lot of rig shadows to clear in post production. The camera movement is shaking a little, because i worked with a 2" x 4" wood piece as a rail. I though that i could arrange that in post production, but finally i couldn't really reduce that shaking effect. The next project will be done with improved metal rails.

Here it is

The next sequence will be the first one to be shown at the beginning of the final video. It's just a camera movement without any character animation. The camera is starting with a look at the sky at 180 deg and its getting slowly down to 90 deg. Should be easy (i hope so). I need to craft a sky (a lot of clouds), adjust the setup, the lightning and to build a swivel camera holder (with measurement marks). There's a sunset in this sequence and i have some ideas on how to do that, but i'm not sure yet. I'll may use a tungsten light. Some test will be required.


  1. Awesome! It will look amazing!

  2. Nice job vincent, I like the head rolling away and movement looks great.