Sunday, September 19, 2010

New logo and "Exploration" sequence's picture

I didn't want to use the Gears of war logo in my movie so i did mine.  I wasn't sure for a title, but i made of my mind with "Toys of War".  It keeps the sound of the original one and it's fit with my project.  I was looking for a Stikfas skull and asked Errol (Eelumir) to take pictures of the one he own.  It comes from a zombie Stikfas toy.  I also used the Gears of war's font created by Tracerthong.  I did it yesterday's evening while finishing my "Exploration" sequence's set.

This morning i went in town to buy a 3/4'' x 48'' wood stick for my rig and i bought an angel ornament that fit perfectly with my sequence (i cut it's head off).  My first idea was to use a Lego figure's head, but i wasn't really satisfied with the results after painting it in white.  I did the statue's head falling movement this afternoon and twenty pictures of the running part.  I should continue that tomorrow.

Here's a pictures of the beginning of the sequence.

Edit : I've put the beginning of this sequence to the garbage can.  It's too hard working with soil.  I did it again with styrofoam scuplted and painted.  The look won't be that good, but at least, it won't move randomly everytimes i touch the set.


  1. this is looking nice vincent...just stumbled on ur project and i can't wait to see it completed! fantastic work here!...i'm lecturing in animation studies so i would love to use ur blog as a reference for my students...

    keep it up coz i'll be watching!

  2. Thanks Jon ! I'm currently working on my last sequence (cleaning and removing wires part) and on animating the logo. Both should be here soon.

    Ryukaze : Wow ! You really made my day with your comments. I did very few stopmotion tests before and that's really my first serious project. There's plenty of imperfections here and there, because i'm doing everything by myself for the first time and with a very low budget. I would be glad that you use my blog as a reference.

  3. i'm glad that i have ur blessing vincent! it's really hard to find good quality stop motion nowadays, especially done at a low budget and also on ur own...kudos to that!