Monday, October 4, 2010

Gamma problem ?

I really needs more feedbacks about this sequence since some love it as it is and other doesn't even see the character rolling. The room is supposed to be very dark, but the character's actions needs to be seen. I want it so we "think" that the only light comes from the windows and from the hole. The character goes in total darkness. In fact, there's a bit of light coming from the sides. I can play with the gamma, but the lightning ambience suffers a lot when i plays with it. I did another video with more gamma.

Which one do you prefer ?

If you can tell that the character is rolling on the darker one, it's what i wanted.

Thanks to share your opinion.


  1. Hello Vincent, if you ask me I think that Sequence #13 is better. Despite the darkness the character is visible enough. Darkness make things mysterious and in this case better.

  2. Thanks Ludo for your opinion. Would you say that you understood what happens in the darker sequence before you seen the brighter one ?

  3. Yes it seems clear to me in the darker sequence. Maybe you can add an extra lichtning effect inside the building, like a burning oil drum so you get a bigger licht/shadow contrast on the character.

  4. that sequence is absolutely amazing. how long did that take you?
    I must say i like the second one better, much more mood with the added darkness.

  5. Ludo: I may try to add contrast, but no fire. I'm not ready for doing fire with stopmotion (flames+lightning from the fire). On this project, my goal was to concentrate on character animation and camera movement so, i avoid doing fire and smoke.

    Jack : Thanks for the kind words. I did the 94 required photos on the same day (double that number is you count the background only pictures). I think it took me around 7 hours and i did that in 4 seperated sessions. It took me around 5 hours to remove wires. Look at my previous posts. I wrote one that contains more informations about that sequence.