Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An article about my project ?

That's too good to be true.  Marc Spess, from Animateclay.com, wrote an article about my project yesterday on his website.   

After i saw this picture from Jon, i was fantasizing that one day, i'll do mine too.  But i wasn't expecting that day to come so soon.

So here's mine, "totally geeking out" =)

My interest about this website doesn't stop growing.  
There's so much stuff !


  1. all i can say is...
    WOOHOO! recognition comes in many ways! congratulations vincent!

  2. YYYYAAAAAAAAA!! awesome congratz Vincent! I'm not that much on this web site. Maybe I should.

  3. AWESOME!!! I'm so glad that your project is finally getting the attention it deserves! All that hard work is paying off! Double geek-out!

  4. Thanks guys for your support and your continuous interest.

    Alex : Yes you should :)

    Jon : I should have asked your permission to post your picture on this post and to do one myself based on yours. I felt a bit bad until you posted your comment. I couldn't resist doing that picture. I was so excited. :)

  5. Jon : What's your screen (monitor) on your picutre ? It look as it doesn't have a frame... like an hologram...

  6. You rule the world baby !


  7. No worries, man. I thought it was GREAT!

    Hehe, I just have a plain old iMac, but the wallpaper behind the window kinda blends in with the background. But one day... in the future...(?)