Saturday, June 18, 2011

The painting has begun !

Hi folks !
I've broke the ice with the paint job this week.  It's nice to see colors on the skull after almost 6 months.  It's only primer for the moment, but it's cool to see the contrast between the helmet and the teeth.

I built a quick spray booth in my workplace.  There isn't ventilation, but i'm working with acrylic paint (odorless) and i'm doing only small sessions at a time with all windows open.  

Airbrushing is a little harder than i thought, but even with no experience, i can see that it does nicer effects than if i was using a paint brush.  Experimenting is the key as all other arts and reading the blogs of my friends Ryukaze and Ludo helped a lot understanding many little things.

By the way, it was a hard mind blowing week, because i founded a dust between the lenses of my only camera.  The one i was using from the very beginning of this project, and the one that was working so greatly with the stopmotion freeware CMSC (for old Canon camera).  After several searches, i found one on classified ads and jumped on it.  It only cost me 60$ and it's almost in mint condition. Amazon was offering some used, starting at 125$ + shipping and Ebay, almost only broken ones... :/

The dust between the lenses wasn't removable.  I did some tapping on it, but i was afraid to break it and it didn't seem to move.  On the picture below, you can see how it look like on pictures (inside the red circle).


  1. Oh, good, b/c even tho it's none, absolutely none, of my business you know that wouldn't stop me from jumping on that top photo! How are you airbrushing with acrylics? What is mixed with them to make them thin enough to flow I wonder? water?

    Glad you found a replacement at such a great deal....

  2. It's always a critical moment to decide, when to paint or not to paint. Nice to see the progress on your project, man! that's starting to become an impressive monster. Cheers!

  3. Dust! Nooooo!! Nightmare! Hope this new lens doesn't affect the film. Corpser's looking even meaner in black. I have to get myself an airbrush at some point. I might come asking for tips :)

  4. Wow, it's looking amazing, man! Can't wait to see paintjob finished!

  5. Your patience and skills are utmost impressive!

  6. Shelley: I don't know what it is exactly. Here's a link:
    I looked for a MSDS but didn't find any. I'll buy a mask very soon, but 'til then, i am careful as i can. I can hear your voice in my head when i'm painting :)

    Ludo: Thanks man ! Airbrushing is an amazing and a huge new world to explore.

    Dean: Thanks ! That's the old camera that has a dust in lenses, not the new one. Go grab an airbrush man. That's so addicting and effective.

    Olav: Thanks ! I hope i will be able to post the head finished by the end of the next week-end.

    Rastasia: Thanks ! Patience is the key and i'm lacking some so, no time to waste to finish that.

  7. Awesome love it please keep the pics coming