Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sequence #15 - "Gunfire"

Inguinal hernia is fixed and a new sequence is done.  It's been 2 weeks by now, that they wide-opened me in order to patch the hernia that i had on the lower abs level.  Look at my nice staples !  =) 

I'm in remission in the moment and will be for a couple of weeks.  I can't sit for more than 30 minutes (it hurts), so even if i'm not going to work, i can't work a lot inside the house neither.  The problem is that i can't lift anything and i can't hold a standing or sitting position for a while.  Anyway, little by little, i managed to work a little on my project in the last days.  I shot sequence #15.  Nothing very difficult and quite very simple, but it was something that needed to be done. In fact, it's more like a bridge between two important sequences, because it's only 1.5 seconds long.  

Here's what it look like.

The character's doing a quarter turn on himself and begin to shot, so i fixed him like i did on sequence #5 "Earthquake".

The lightning was a little tricky.  There's one light for the general ambiance and another one that simulate the gunfire.  The fire coming from the gun is done with photoshop, but the light it brings is real.

There's a LED light inside a pierced wood piece that act like a cannon.

There's 3 gunfire lightning setups.  On the bottom pictures, you can see :  Full light, half light and no light.  I just changed the setups with other wood pieces, i putted in front of the light beam.  Running these 3 lightning setups repeatedly in that order give a nice machine gun light effect on my character.


  1. gruusome surgery shot, Vincent. yipes. Glad you are on the mend though. Good for you! Apparently, they don't have to do anything for my hernia because I am a girl. But if I did have to I'd try to be as brave as you.

  2. I'm glad to hear you are on the mend and able to work a bit on your project Vincent. The gunfire came out very well!
    Psst you should make a replica of your surgery site and animate the staples coming undone. Guaranteed to freak people out ;)

  3. Holy moly, you've been stapled together like a puppet!! It can't be easy moping around like an old granny, hope you get fit again soon.

    Gunfire looks perfect. I like the way it lights up the character's face.

  4. Hey, this stuff looks great Vincent, and I'm glad your healing up!

  5. Thanks all for the kind words.
    Healing is going well so far, but it's a long process. It doesn't hurt at least, just tickling a little when moving. Sorry, if some were disgusted by the shot, but that's something i needed to do. At least, it isn't in color :) I'll definately have to do a replica of that scar on a future puppet. The process of taking the staples out were less painful that expected. They only used a pair of cutting pliers and they comes out pretty easily and without pain. They said it's more painful when they remove stitches.

  6. You've been a busy lad! I mean you didn't have to go get a hernia and all...look forward to all of this coming together...and speedy recovery!