Sunday, April 3, 2011

Padding the legs

This is it.  The legs are now padded.  Foam cushioning was cutted and glued to the armature with Lepage press-tite contact cement.  I protected the articulated joints with plastic wrap before applying the glue.  

The flexibility is good and there isn't too much resistance on the joints.  It may look a little weird like that, but i hope it will look good when the claws and the skin (liquid latex) will be added.  The size of the legs looks "ok" compared to the original creature's design.  It's maybe a bit bigger. 

I'm currently working on finishing the claw's sculpt and i expect to do my mold this week.  


  1. Man ...this creatures coming together BIGTIME!!


  2. Dude! That thing is getting more and more impressive. It's been super exciting watching you piece it together. You're the MAN!

  3. Hi--you don't know me well yet--I am a safety nag.

    Be sure to wear a good respirator when using glue like that, ok?! :)

    In case you want to lessen the diameter of the foamed legs, have you considered carving them down before adding the latex? Total control over shape!

    Fantastic build, Man.