Sunday, March 27, 2011

Legs armature - Part 2

I had some doubts about a few things for the last two weeks but, i managed to clear them and to move forward with the construction of my puppet.

I added more wooden paint stirrer to the legs for more strenght.  The gaps, within them, were also filled with wood pieces.

The four legs missing were done with twisted galvanised wires.  I tried to do them with aluminium wires (which are harder to break), but they weren't stiff enough to support themself.  These legs aren't suppose to move very much, so i've took this decision (i can hear people saying: Steel ! What are thinking ??).  =)

These legs were hardened with epoxy putty.  Thinking about that afterward, i should have used copper tubing and fix it in place with epoxy.  It would have been less expensive, but it was too late when i thought about that.

My head was full of doubts about what to use to fix the legs on the set.  The typical tied-downs with threaded rod and butterfly nuts was in my mind, but i was considering other ways to do it. 

After days of headaches thinking about that, i finally choose to work with the traditionnal tied-downs.  So i've done "super nuts".  I put three of them on a threaded rod and glue them with epoxy putty.

I've used the same putty to fix them to the legs.

The Corpser's armature is finally completed !

I've started to sculpt a claw that i would like to replicate using a plaster mould.  To build the claw, i've bought a conical shaped styrofoam piece and i slided a twisted metal wire in it (to simulate the armature position).  I use a knife to adjust the shape and finished it with some pre-mixed plaster.  I need to work on it a little bit more but, here's what it looks like after some sanding.

I built this box for the moulding.  Each legs should be placed in it and come out with a nice plaster claw on it.

I'm very excited about doing my first mould, but i'm also very scared...


  1. Aha! Congratulations finishing the armature. It looks seriously menacing. I'm really looking forward to seeing it in action. I reckon this Corpser could have a starring role in future Tétreault productions! :D

  2. @Dean: Thanks man. Unfortunately, after all the time and money spent building this puppet, i don't think it'll be seen on other stopmotion projects. I'm not even sure i'll be able to find room to keep it as it is (i may only keep the head). As you can see, it's very big and i plan to stop doing remakes of stuff i love. I want to move on projects, i'll be creating from A to Z. Story, characters, plot, animation, sets, etc... I want everything to be original. I don't mean by that, that i want to work alone, but i don't want to "copy" or to "replicate" something that has already been created by someonelse. That the future of Tétreault productions ;)

  3. We're going to have to start calling you, Sir Bra-ill-i-ant! With super nuts.

    Don't be scared of anything. You are way smart enough. Molding and casting is super fun and easy.

    You'll see, just do it, dive into it. Sneak up on yourself. That's what I do.

  4. The future sounds exciting! One thing I love is originality! A world and all it's inhabitants completely out of your own imagination, where anything can happen. Haha - love it!

    It's a shame about the awesome Corpser. I forgot to mention how big it is next to you! HUGE! You could almost sit on it and ride it into town.

  5. Wow! I didn't know it was that big! It looks pretty awesome man! I think the most important thing of animating this scene will be about easing in and out. If you catch it as well. The ending will be perfect on my opinion.

    I'm glad you see some future in your animator career!

  6. @Dean: I'm full of creativity, but i have a big weakness.. I can't write a nice story even a small one. On the next projects, i'd like to work with a writer or a musician. My "current ultimate goal" as an animator, would be to do a music video for someone, maybe a friend.

    @Alex: Thanks man ! Yeah, i didn't worked a lot with ease in and ease out. This would definitely be important to use this animation rule to a perfection level. This is for my big ending, so i can't screwing up !

    I see some future as an animator enthusiast. Your the one that should be talking about an animator career ;)

    "Tu as encore le temps, mais pense à ça, y a un bon cours universitaire à Québec en animation."

  7. @Shelley: LOL !

    Thanks for the good words. You increased my confidence level a lot with your comment. I had read so much about molding, casting, sculpting and everything... I'll let my instincts flows as always and everything will be fine... We'll see that on the next post ! ;)