Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inguinal hernia

My project is and will be on hold (or going very slowly) for the next weeks.  I got an health problem called "Inguinal hernia".  Nothing very dangerous or harmful, but very unpleasing.  Its the ligaments that maintains the guts in place that are teared apart and that let an intestine part goes outside of it's place.  Pretty disgusting.  I'm a little bit hypochondriac so it look much awful from my point of view.

This is what it looks like.
(note that the intestine can go into one ball - argg..!)

This is how i see that.

So there isn't much place in my brain to have creativity to progress on my puppet these days.  I hope to have my chirurgical intervention in the next few weeks.


  1. Ooomph! Not the best news. Still, it's an experience in life and a story to tell people. Hope you get on the mend soon.

    Ps For a second I thought I was looking at a picture of your latest puppet! Haha!

  2. Thought this was storyboard for the next stop mo!

    Hey, take it all one step at a time. Thank goodness for good medicine. So sorry about the situation. But good for you taking care of it!

    Rooting for your speedy recovery.

  3. PS: Those images are exactly why I won't/I refuse to Google my condition(s) [one of which is a femoral hernia]!!! Ack!!

  4. Wow... Vince! Sorry to hear it man!!

    Somehow I misread it as INAUGURAL hernia. I suppose that would be like a hernia Obama might get from shouldering the heavy load of US economy... :)

    But take care of yourself dude, take care of the dangly bits!

  5. Yeesh! Sorry that you've got to go through this. Hang in there!, well, you know what I mean!

  6. AHHHHHHRGG!! Sorry man that looks super painfull! Hope you get well soon.

  7. Ouch! That sounds very painful! Hope it gets better soon. Music coming soon!

  8. Thanks all for your support.

    You made me laugh with the misunderstanding thing.

    I'm still waiting for the hospital to call to get this thing fixed. I feel like a puppet with a broken wire :)

    I'm slowly getting used to the "situation" and i even came back working on the puppet today. I hope to have new stuff to put on my blog next sunday.

  9. aww man....I am so sorry ....

    I'm sending positive vibes to ya...heal quick man.


  10. "You made me laugh with the misunderstanding thing."

    Oh Ouch! Sorry, hope that didn't hurt!! Hope that wire gets mended real soon. Think of this as the birth pains from birthing your beast.

    Take care if yourself Vince.

  11. Get better soon mate, take care.
    Your work, shorts and puppets look really good and professional.

  12. Aww man. It looks horrible. I hope you'll be back on your feet soon. Tu vas t'en sortir avec notre super génial systeme de santé ;)