Sunday, January 16, 2011

Skull construction part I

A styrofoam ball for the skull padding.

This is a wooden square block with six endless screws in it.  It will be used as a joint for the upper and the bottom parts of the skull and i drilled a hole on the back side where the neck will be fix.

I shaped the place where the wooden block will be seated.


Adding some Super sculpey and starting to shape the core.

I didn't really liked the bottom parts of the eyes so i did this part again.  I baked the first layer in order to have a harder structure where i'll add details.  It looks very rough by now, but i'll smooth down everything before going any further.  I hope that the aluminium twisted wires (neck) will be able to support all this.  It's gaining weight and the bottom jaw isn't there yet. 

I founded the LITE-BRITE color pins that will be added on the skull for the eyes and over the head.  I hope to finish the details this week, so i could bake it once and for all.


  1. Wow! everything is looking good so far! I've had problems in the past with creating heads that were too heavy for the armature because of the amount of Sculpey I built up onto it. After a fair amount of research I found out that Sculpey has a lightweight version of it's clay that is suppose to be just as strong. It's called "Sculpey Ultra Light." I haven't had an opportunity to experiment with it yet but I hear it suppose to be pretty good especially when making really dense characters.

    Heres the link:


  2. Thanks for the tips Alfonso. My sculpt is almost finished and there no way, i'm gonna go through that process again (hope so). So, i'll try to built a "special" neck for it. I'll keep your link for further projects. By the way, there's 90% of my 454 grams package of Super Sculpey on it by now :)

  3. Man, EPIC! You're making serious progress with every new post. Keep it going, you can do this!

  4. Justin & Jon: Thanks dudes. I'm pushing myself a little Jon, to work on it at least one hour by day and to post new progress pictures every week.