Monday, September 6, 2010

Sequence #13 (0:39 - 0:45) is done !

Wow !  This sequence was really hard to do.  After several hours of hard work trying to put the set in place, i was able to start animating.  I did the 94 required photos yesterday (double that number is you count the background only pictures).  I think it took me around 7 hours.  I did that in 4 seperated sessions.  The first one was for the running part and the jump.  The second and the third ones were for the landing.  Finally, the fourth one was for moving the head at the end of the sequence.  Today, i removed the wires and i cleaned the pictures.  I took me around 5 hours.  I had some issues removing some wires because the character's support blocked some light when i shoot the character with the set.  When i removed the character to only take the set, the light wasn't blocked anymore so there was a difference hard to ajust in post-production.

Anyway, here's what it look like.

I had to use three different character's supports.  I used metal wires this time instead of a firm rod.  I was looking for flexibility.  For the last part of this sequence, i put a screw into a popsicle stick in order to hold the arms of the character tighly to the floor.  I didn't want the whole body to move each time i moved the head.

The next one will be the sequence #6 "Exploration".  I will take a break for some days (maybe a week) before starting this one.


  1. Awesome shot!!! I'm super impressed. You’ve got a huge camera move, complicated puppet action, a couple of jumps in there and you pulled it off perfectly.

  2. thanks Jeff. Perfectly is a great word, but i will say that i'm pretty satisfied with the results. I very happy that i don't have to do that shot another time =)

  3. That was great! Really, really smooth. All that hard work is paying off!

  4. Thanks Jon. I'm very proud of this sequence and i'm glad you liked it.