Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Exploration sequence" - Setup & test shots

The new setup is ready.  I've done a few test shots and i'm satisfy with the results.  I had to build a new camera rail (vertical).  I was sure how i'll do it but i think it was the simplest way to do it and to more accurate for my budget.

The rigging system will be the same as used on my other running sequences.

Here's some test shots.

- Lowest position -

- Mid position -

- Highest position -

I need to fix a new pole (48") to my rail where i'll fix the wire to support the character.  I also have to paint my statue's head that will fall in the beginning of that sequence.  I should start animating this week-end.


  1. Good lord! I wish I had the patience to build a set-up like that.

  2. Thanks Richard. I did 6 buildings, 6 sidewalks and 1 long street pavement. They aren't fixed so i can change my streets setup on every different sequences so my streets looks different. They are built on a 1:24 scale. I have 2 gallons of soil and a bunch of ciment pieces that i move around.

  3. The rigging system was build once and i used it on every running sequences.

  4. very impressive!
    You should make a how to on how to build a camera rig like that.

  5. Thanks Jack. I could do so, but as you see in the pictures, it's very basic. I just put a 2"x4" wood stud vertically that i've fixed at both ends. I wrapped the moving camera support with wood plates around the stud as tight as possible (i need that to be loose a little in order to be able to move it without excessing force). I put a handle on it. There's a tripod square adapter under the camera. I've fixed 5 little screws (around the adapter to keep it in place). I'll put pictures about that on my next set preparation's post.