Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sequences #10-11-12 are done

I managed to finish these 3 sequences.  I may modify them in the final version.  I'm not sure if i could improve the bouncing effect in the #11 "Incoming" sequence.  I've tried several different settings but this one satisfy me for the moment.

Here's what it looks like

The next one will be the "Somersault".  I'm not sure what i'll use to support the character for the rolling movement after the he jump through the window.  I have some ideas but some tests are requiered.  I also need to build a wall for the scene (the one he passes through).  The lightning should be difficult too because there's light outside and darkness inside the building.  The circular camera movement also need to be built.  As you can see, there's a lot to do before beginning the shooting and the animating part won't be easy.  Just to add some difficulty, this is a 6 seconds sequence (approx. 144 pictures had to be taken twice). 

I'll post pictures of the setup when it will be ready.


  1. I think the first-person bouncing effect works great! The image quality is really good, what kind of camera are you using?

  2. Thanks for the good words. Your comments are always very appreciated. I had some doubts about the bouncing effect, but with the comments i received (yours included), i'm more confident about it. I'm using a Canon S2 IS and most of my shots are taken at aperture f5 and exposure 5 sec.

  3. thanks Jeff. This is my first stopmotion project. Last night i saw you test animation video. Can't wait to see more.