Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Incoming" #11 and "Alley II" #12 pictures

Sequence #10 and #12 are done.  I want to do #11 before uploading them.  They are so short that they aren't really nice to see alone.

Here's a picture of what sequence #11 "Incoming" will look like

In this sequence, the camera is moving forward.  We see the enemy in the eye of the hero running toward him.  I will shake the image in post production.  I use the same camera setup (without the hinge) that i've used for "Alley I".

Here's pictures of the setup for sequence #11 "Incoming"


A picture of sequence #12 "Alley II"

It looks like the "Alley I" sequence, but the camera isn't moving.  The character is still moving forward and do a 90 degrees turn on his right after he see the enemy in the "Incoming" sequence.

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