Friday, April 30, 2010

0:28 - 0:31

Beside finishing my set, i'm preparing myself to shoot my first sequence. It's the one that starts at 0:28 and end at 0:31. The character is running down an alley and the camera shoots him in a pan movement.

It's a very technical shot cause the character is moving a lot and the camera too. Each frame must be shot twice. One picture with the character on the set and another one with just the set. I have to do that 'cause in post production, i'll have to remove the metal rod that support the soldier with a picture editing software. In a few days, i'll post some examples.

I estimate this sequence to be 72 frames long (24 frames per seconds).

Here's a test i've done in november 2009 with a green screen.
It should look like that but instead of a green screen, i'll use my street set.

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