Saturday, July 23, 2011

Death blow sequence done !

At last, the final sequence is meeting my quality standards.  I'm very happy to achieved it the first time.
- 77 pictures
- 3 seconds of video on 1's (24 frames per seconds)
- 2 sessions of shooting on two different days
- 6 hours of work animating that

Everything goes as expected (hopefully).  As i thought, animating a big puppet is way easier than animating a small one.

In order to simulate the lightning coming from the machine gun, i worked with three different lightning setups. 

2 lights

1 light

No light

Repeating these 3 lightning setups did a good job.

Here's my lighning setup.  The light no.1 is a LED desk lamp with foil on it to reduce the light that come out of it.  The light no.2 is a little and single LED light.

As an awared animator, i taped down the camera's tripod and the electric cables that were on my way.

Here are some pictures that shows how small is my shooting room.

The tied-downs also worked perfectly.

Oh i almost forgot, the sequence...
Here's the link.
There's a password that must be entered and all the people who submited (or will) pictures for the wallpapers contest will receive it by email.

Enjoy !


  1. Great job on the set up. Good tips like the tin foil and the taping.

    Hey, everyone else has to wait to buy the dvd?!

  2. Thanks Shelley.

    The idea is to put my movie online by the end of 2011. The DVD will be (i think) loaded with making-of pictures, video footages, interviews, etc.. extras finally.

    I didn't wanted to put my animated Corpser sequences online 'til the release of my movie to increase the interest, but i thought that it would be nice to let the people that were participating to my contest to sneak a peek on it as a little reward.

  3. By the way Shelley, my contest entries aren't counting a lady picture yet ;)

  4. Very cool Vincent! I enjoyed the behind the scenes peek at your animation set-up.

  5. Liking the light setup. Clever idea for the machine gun effect. Can't wait to see that monstrous puppet come alive!

  6. the more i keep checking out your updates, the more excited i get! and for the dvd, get ready to ship me one copy of course (don't worry, i'll pay! lol)...

    amazing work vincent, consider me your fan!

  7. great pics of your setup man....

    you are kickin butt!!