Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corpser's wallpapers + CONTEST !!!

I was doing some wallpapers for myself and thought i should share some with you.  Feel free to use them for a personnal use only.

The first one is my favorite, closely followed by the second one.  The third and fourth ones, were done with the intention of having two different views on the Corpser's head on the same picture, but i'm not fully satisfied with the results.  A nice wallpaper isn't done randomly and i don't think i really understand how to do that properly.  Anyway...

CONTEST !!!  -> Send me a picture of yourself showing your computer screen with your favorite desktop's wallpaper using one of the followings.  Show a thumb up or any creative and original facial expression (example).  Send it here.  I'll put your names in a hat and i'll pick a winner randomly.  A free "signed" DVD will be sent to the winner when it will be done.  Good luck !  =)   


  1. Haha! A contest. I like it. And a very generous prize too. The wallpapers look great. I agree with you, I think the top one is best - the 'dead space' between the head and logo adds a sense of abandonment and heightens the fear factor. Kind of like being afraid of the dark. You get me? :)

    But they're all pretty darn cool!

  2. Haha! Yeah, a little funny from someone like me. I was curious to know, how much people are willing to take 2 minutes of there time to get a chance of having a free DVD of my movie. Will there be a spectacular hype or no response at all ? I would like to have a special wall for these pictures, here. I've seen others creating contests to get clicks on their channel, which thing i respect, but that's not the point here. It's very just for fun and i'm very humble in this process (What? A TOYS OF WAR signed DVD to win ? OH MY GODDDDD !!!).