Sunday, May 1, 2011

Papier mache time !

Ok, now my Corpser got it's claws !  ( last.)

On my last post, i was saying that i would go with hard air drying clay to sculpt my claws, but after i finished two of 'em, i quickly realized that it would be a real pain in the neck to work with such heavy legs.  Fortunately, my friend Shelley Noble, helped me find out the perfect solution to do them:  "Papier mache".  She gave me the basic guidelines and nice tips to avoid problems (she's so sweet).  A couple of days after that, i randomly founded out the blog of an "papier mache expert" : Dan Reeder.  You should absolutely go take a peek at his work.  He has done nice instructional videos for beginners and looking at his masterpieces is so inspiring...  He is a really kind person who didn't hesitate to answer all my questions which helped me refine my understanding of the technique.  

Here's his links:

I had tried two types of glue :  Elmer's art paste and a homemade one, made with water and flour.  Elmer's art paste worked well, but i got stiffer results with the water and flour recipe.  I just mixed up, 3 parts of cold water with 2 parts of white flour.

I've prepared the liquid latex covering phase by tightening-down the claws with the ties-down bolts.



  1. This just keeps getting better and better!

    The bottom pic looks like the claws are doing the YMCA dance :D

  2. Way to go, Vincent! I'm so glad you found a way that works for you. We have are favorite most comfortable ways to accomplish these things. Glad you found yours.

    Looks like an incredible puppet creature.

  3. Its looking fantastic Vincent!

  4. wow......this is brilliant! Can't wait to see this in motion.....fantastic job!

  5. Incredible work Vincent!! Can't wait to see the final showdown!!

  6. Shelley: Thanks Ma'am ! As i do when i'm cooking, i always try two differents recipes for the same meal and i keep a mix of both in my files. Said that, i learned a lot from your judicious advices and if you weren't there, i would probably still be stuck with my claws issues. I can't be more thankfull toward you.

    Jeff: Thanks man ! Your constant interest towards my project is really appreciated.

    Olav: Thank you very much. I didn't took the time to read your blog (i'll do it in the next days), but the pictures i've seen so far are incredible and very inspiring.