Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skull construction part III

Another week with not much results, but many hours spent on it.  I've started with the installation of two new lights which are on top of the helmet.  I put them in place the same way i did for the eyes (view last week post).  The only difference is that the LITE-BRITE pins are sideways.  I'll have to adjust the LEDs because they bring much more light than the eyes.

Here are some pictures


Than, i started working on the jaws mechanism.  My first idea was to put a hinge on the bottom jaw and to use aluminium wires as resistance.  It wasn't a good idea.  There's too much weight to get good results.

I was a little angry that night and couldn't find any alternative, so i ask for advices on .  The next day, Boy Oyng sent me this drawing and hope came back.

 Back to work, i made this according to Boy Oyng's drawing.

It was much better, but something wasn't right...  I forgot that the bottom jaw joint should be just under the skull and not low as i made it.  After taking apart this mechanism, i begin to build a third one using the same principle.  This time, it came out as i wanted it.




Here's a quick test of the jaws mechanism.

This week, i plan to start building the teeth and to add some shape on the bottom jaw.


  1. Great idea for the jaw mechanism, looks like it will work perfect!

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!! The Corpser is really coming together now mate!

  3. That looks awesome with the lights on!

  4. Wow amazing Vincent! I didn't got your updates for a while. I've been really busy lately. Your project is on the good way! Your almost finished! The monster look crazy! Amazing job man!

  5. Isn't that cool that a stranger you'd never have met otherwise at SMA could spark your great solution?!

  6. Dude! Seriously! I'm totally impressed with how this is going. You are the MAN!

  7. Thanks all, thanks !

    Jeff: I hope so !! :) Thanks to Boy Oyng for the drawing.

    Alex: Snowboarding time !! :) My board is full of dust in a closet for years...

    Shelley Noble: This is awesome !! Remember the time we hadn't access to the internet ? =)

  8. GROOVY. You got some serious commitment going down on this thang.