Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Back to stopmotion with sequence #5 "Earthquake"

Wow !  I never thought it will felt so good to return to my project.  I feel ready to complete this !

The last sequence was done very fast and wasn't very hard at all.  The camera movement setup was already in place, the measurement marks was the only thing missing.  The city setup was done the same day.  The animation was done the next day.  I took another day to clean up the pictures, to edit the video and to add the explosion effects.

Here's it is.

I'm not that good with special effects and i wasn't really in the mood to do them in stopmotion but, i couldn't do this sequence without that effect.   So i edit a free explosion effect founded at Stopmotionmagazine.com.  You can't really call that "explosions", but i don't really know how to call them.  It like dust that comes from the ground after collapsing.

Here's the link for the free explosion effects:

Here's the character's support

Camera's support pictures

Here's some setup's pictures

The next step is big, but it will be very interesting.
Sculpting the "Corpser" !


  1. Hey Vincent, Nice sequence it looks good. The explosions have more like an thriller effect, like a shadow clowd that brings faer or something. Anyway it's good to see you're in blognation. cheers!

  2. Thanks Ludo. Like i said on this post, i'm not really proud with the "ground collapsing" effect. I did plenty of tests and this one was the one that come off the best in my opinion. I may try other thing in post-production, but i was a little tired working on them.

    Blognation missed me a lot. It's also good for me to dig your blogs again. Cheer my friend !