Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A new article about my project as been published !

Yeah !  I can't believe it.  Within the last month, my project's visibility increased a lot with the article Marc Spess wrote on "Animateclay.com" and with this new article wrote by Hasan Ismail on is blog "RASTASIA : In full motion".

I met him on Vimeo, where he created a video channel "Stikmotion" that shows Stikfas in action.  I'm very happy that someone took the time to create environnements like that for the great pleasure of all the Stikfas fans.

On his blog, he says that his mission is to share with you his passion on audio, video and the one toy that fascinates him so much that he undertaken personally to show them around the Netherlands !  He wish to present Stikfas as a communication platform and bring it to another level using tools available in Web 2.0.  He is also an audio engineer by profession with a fully equipped post production studio for post productions works. 

You can visit is Vimeo channel here and also read news about Stikfas here on his blog.


  1. Attention whore! Just kidding great work as usual :D

  2. Thanks Wh1sp3r !

    If you're so smart, find a way to build me a balls & sockets armature (like the one on the link below) for my next project ;)


  3. So cool to see you getting all this exposure. You totally earned it!